Paneer Chilli Dosa recipe

Paneer chilli dosa is the fusion dosa recipe, which is a traditional masala dosa with a Chinese twist. It is a healthy and protein-rich dish as it contains vegetables and paneer. It is a perfect breakfast recipe or a Sunday brunch. 


How to Make Multigrain Masala Dosa!

Multigrain Masala Dosa – a delicious blend of masala with nutrition. We have a multigrain recipe for all the dosa lovers, which also can be your favorite protein-packed breakfast. You can always enjoy the Multigrain Dosa to maintain peace between the uncontrollable cravings and health.

Idli Tikka Recipe With Sambar

Idli and Dosa are the quintessential South Indian recipes loved and favored by people all over the world. People love experimenting with these basic South Indian recipes available at iD Fresh Foods to make it tastier, more appetizing, and distinctive. 


Tomato Gravy Side Dish for Dosa Recipe

Everybody loves a tangy and spicy dosa side dish. Dipping every crunchy piece of dosa into a delicious gravy made with plump and ripe tomatoes is just heavenly. In South Indian homes especially, thakkali kurma or tomato gravy is a staple with dosas. It is usually served with an additional bowl of flavoursome chutney. Together, it is a burst of exciting flavours in every single bite. 


Pizza Dosa Recipe

A healthy and nutritious diet is a foremost step that must be taken in a modern lifestyle. Talking about a nutritious meal, how can we forget the legendary dosa? But hold on! We have something new and special for you

Cheesy Veg Paniyaram Recipe

Breakfast – the first meal of the day that a family usually eats together, now more than often. A hot, freshly made breakfast is a great way to start the day. This is one meal of the day where mothers will go out of the way to avoid processed or packaged food.

Millets Kara Paniyaram

Millets Kara Paniyaram is a typical South Indian dish originating in Tamil Nadu. Since millets are widely grown and available in Southern India, dishes made from millets are very popular here. Kara Paniyaram uses little millets or barnyard millets, locally referred to as saamai to prepare the dish. Paniyarams can be both sweet and savoury, depending on the preparation of the dosa idli batter. 

Masala Appe Recipe

Does making dosa idli batter at home mean a whole week of just idlis and dosas for breakfast? This is the true story of every Indian household. Here is some good news, there are other fantastic breakfast and snack recipes that you can make with this batter and your family will love it even more!

Masala Appe is one such simple recipe that is simply delicious with a side of chutney or even a dollop of butter. It is a popular Maharashtrian breakfast dish that also goes by the names Paniyaram or Kuzhi Appam down South. Think of them as bite-sized hybrids between a dosa and idli. The best of both worlds, if you may.