Instant Filter Coffee

Mornings made
hassle-free for you.

To all the coffee connoisseurs out there, the game-changer’s here. Our innovative coffee bottle isn't just functional. It's also stylish and ergonomic, designed to pour a perfect cup of coffee every time. Calibrate the amount of decoction you need in your coffee. Be it light, just right, or really strong, just squeeze, measure & pour the decoction to perfection. Slurrpp…!​

How to use

Shake well before use

Squeeze up to the nozzle

That’s 10ml

That’s 15ml

That’s 20ml

Pour into a cup of 100ml milk

Mix sugar, stir and go mmm

Storage: Store in a clean dry place, away from sunlight. Replace cap and refrigerate, once opened. Consume within 10 days of opening or before date of expiry, whichever is earlier.


Coffee blended with chicory. This mixture contains Coffee 80%, Chicory 20% and RO-Purified water.

No preservatives,
No added sugar,
Single origin coffee


• Energy28.40Kcal
• Protein1.10g
• Carbohydrates5.80g
• Sodium 43mg
• Fiber0.80g