The world's largest batter factory is now LIVE!

Your kitchen is a space of Love, Purity and Trust. Our factory is the same. It’s our kitchen, where we bring together the finest ingredients, the latest technology and traditional recipes in a pristine, hygienic environment that has to be seen to be believed.

So, here’s that window. A never-before, no-filters look at where your favourite iD food comes from. It’s our way of saying thank you for trusting us with your family’s nutrition and well-being.

Feeding Zone

Cam 1

Handpicked, premium quality rice is fed into the machine, cleaned and ready to be ground.

Urad Dal
Feeding Zone

Cam 2

Nutrient-rich Urad dal is fed into the machine, ready to be processed.

Feeding Zone

Cam 3

Finest quality fenugreek or methi is added to the process.

Mixing Zone

Cam 4

RO purified water is added to the ground mixture of rice, dal and methi.

Ready Zone

Cam 5

The rice, dal, methi and water mixture i.e. the batter exits the grinder, ready to be packed.

Packing Zone

Cam 6

Our women workforce pack the batter with accurate weight measurement, untouched by hand.

Chiller Entry Point

Cam 7

The packages, placed on a conveyor belt, enter the hydraulic chiller to reduce temperature.

Chiller Exit Point

Cam 8

Chilled batter packets exit the refrigeration process, ready to be stored until purchase.

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