Natural & Organic Homemade Instant Foods

Natural and Organic Homemade Instant Foods

It’s food, only food

Our food is made in a kitchen and not in a laboratory. When you bring home iD Fresh, you bring food that is healthy and wholesome.

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Fresh Ingredients

Fresh ingredients

RO-Purified Water

RO-purified water

Traditionally Prepeared

Traditionally prepared

No Preservatives Added

No preservatives

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Our Story

Once upon a time in Bangalore

In 2005, we dreamed of sharing healthy batter with the whole world. So we started small in a tiny shop in Tippasandra, Bangalore. We made idli and dosa batter for our customers just the way they made at home. Soon, the packets were flying-off the shelves because people loved the healthy, preservative-free batter. We haven’t changed much since then. Only our utensils got larger, and that little shop got a whole lot bigger. To now serve millions of homes across India and the Middle East.

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