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Today, food is an exercise in biochemistry. We don’t pick ingredients - we choose between “good” and “bad” carbs. Words like “gluten” and “probiotics” are part of our everyday conversations. Cooking is a battleground between health fads and culinary show-inspired plates. But do we stop to think about what is actually good for us? Ma always knew and science is slowly finding out too. It’s time to uncomplicate food. It’s time to rediscover the joy of cooking.


When you don’t have to knead or grind and turn kitchen equipment into gym equipment, you can unleash your inner master chef! Here are our favourite recipes to get you started.

Neer Dosa

neer dose is typical south canara dosa prepared with soaked rice. in udupi and mangalore region, neer dose / neer dosa is popularly served with chicken curry /chicken sambar[…]

idli podi

It is typically prepared with chana dal,urad dal, red chilies and sesame seeds andis popularly used for idli’s as dipping is hugely popular in south indianstates especially in tamilnadu […]

Spring Dosa

a fusion to south indian dosa recipesto indo chinese cuisine repared very similarto the popular veg spring roll recipe.this recipe has evolved as popular street fast food[…].

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