About Us

What’s food without a little love and a lot of goodness?

iD was founded in 2005, by 5 cousins, with a 50sqft store & 1 big dream - to ensure that people around the world gets access to fresh, nutritious & delicious Indian food. With an unwavering vision to preserve traditional, home-made cuisine & a focus on making the process of cooking fun & effortless, iD today serves homes across India, UAE, US, UK, Oman and Saudi. Come, join us for a meal, made with love.

The iD Timeline

From 2005 to now, here’s our story of how we grew. Thanks to all the love we received.

Vision, Mission and Values

Back in 2005, we were a small store selling idli and dosa batter. Today we’re helping put home-made meals on dining tables across India, UAE, UK, US, Saudi, Oman, and Qatar.​ It’s the love and support of millions of people that has brought us this far. People who share our love for authentic, traditional home-made food.


Our vision at iD Fresh Foods is to be the leading and trusted provider of wholesome, fresh and preservative-free ready-to-cook foods for inspiring people to embrace a healthier, happier and sustainable lifestyle. Through our relentless pursuit of quality, innovation and sustainable practices, we aim to be the trusted choice for everyone seeking nutritious, time-saving food solutions.​


At iD Fresh Food, our mission is to offer authentic, fresh and preservative-free food that doesn’t just fulfil your cravings for traditional taste, but also fulfils your body’s need for healthy consumption.​



We produce and deliver fresh food to our customers every single day.


We are a lean, efficient organisation that makes quick decisions and are easy to do business with.


We take great pride in our home-made style of preparation in ultra-hygienic, HACCP compliant factories. We will never add preservatives, chemicals and artificial flavours to our 100% safe food.


We believe in complete transparency and fairness in all our interactions and transactions with our customers, employees, stakeholders, partners and associates. We always stay true to the law.

Awards, Acknowledgement and Appreciation

Impeccable Innovations awarded the best food marketing idea for the iD TrustShop concept.

The president and the members of Rotary Club Vijaynagar, Bangalore awarded the Vocational Excellence Award 2016 to Mr. Musthafa PC and his team for excellence in Food Processing Industry.

India SME forum in association with Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) Government of India, awarded iD Fresh Food as one of the top 100 SME companies in the overall evaluation of financial and non-financial parameters amongst 49023 nominations.

Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) presented the Indiastar 2015 award to iD Fresh Food for its innovative packaging of it's iD Idly and Dosa 1 kg Batter

This award is the 5th edition of Entrepreneur India Awards 2015, organized by US-based, Entrepreneur Magazine in media partnership with Times Now.

In a market segment identified by the commodity itself more than the brands, iD's patented batter package design clearly stood out for its ergonomy, convenience and attention to aesthetic balance. Noticed & appreciated by consumers across India, the design has spawned several imitations. And indeed, we are thankful for the flattery.

This award was presented by Indian Economic Development and Research Association (IEDRA) on the occasion of national seminar on ‘National Economic Development & Social Responsibility’ held on 9th August 2012 at New Delhi.

Hear it from the foodies

Thank god for the iD chapatis. Ever since we started getting the chapatis, we've started making more food at home and reduced our junk intake drastically! Feeling much healthier. Very grateful. Always #EatHomeMade

Ratna Bhatnagar
Business Analyst

Being a North Indian I never craved idlis and dosas. But when I shifted to Bangalore first thing I heard regarding food was iD's ready to cook batter. I tried it once and believe me, my whole family is a fan of iD products. Really hygienic and tasty. Keep up the good taste :)

Sonia Bedi
Home Maker

What makes the south Indian dishes coming out my kitchen taste authentic? iD’s products. Perfect accompaniment to my cooking - Fresh & nutritious food to help me juggle with my many roles as a working woman and a home maker, without any compromise or guilt. I’ve even sent the parothas abroad to Indian family pinning for rotis in foreign land.

Anju Maudgal Kadam
Film Maker

I just love your products. I am greatly satisfied with all of them. Malabar Parota is my favourite and the Chettinad Chutneys are to die for. I really appreciate your effort of serving us the best ready to eat food. iD is doing a huge favour for us working women, who have to work outside and at the kitchen everyday. I really love the packaging, the website design and the Facebook page.


I have been a huge huge fan of iD products since their inception into the market. For someone who is single yet a healthy eater, their products have had a trust winning appeal - From their neat packing, quality ingredients to how tasty they really are. My relentless enthusiasm for making curries have always found a soul-mate in their Wheat Parotta and Idli/Dosa batter. So when i have date night at home, I always count on their food to be my wing-man !

Abhinand Nair
Senior Financial Advisor