Frozen Fruit Pulp

This pulp is no fiction. This pulp is real. Real fruit blended with love and made available in a freshly frozen form. If you love the flavour of fruit in your smoothies, milkshakes, or desserts, then this one’s for you. Frozen pulp from your favourite fruit, with absolutely no preservatives. So go ahead, add a bit of fruit, and make everything taste better!

How to use

Scoop out the pulp.

Make a shake.

Have it as dessert.

Mix it up as a smoothie.

Or just have it as it is.

Storage: Keep frozen.


Tender Coconut

Pulp (35.57%) and Coconut Water (47.47%)


Pulp (74.07%)


Pulp (80%)


Pulp (80%)

Sugar and RO-Purified water are common ingredients in all flavours.