Instant Coffee


Close your eyes and imagine taking a sip of authentic South Indian Coffee made the traditional way. The aroma, the taste, the flavour that lingers. A feeling, like no other! With the right blend of coffee and chicory, iD Instant Coffee completes your breakfast every morning.

How to use

Start with 1 teaspoon of iD Instant Coffee Powder in a cup (More if you like it stronger).

Pour hot water and/or milk from a height. You know, like a pro would.

Add sugar to taste. Stir well or pour back and forth between cups for real feels.

Storage: Once opened, transfer the contents into an air tight container. Store in a cool, dry & hygienic place. Always use a dry spoon.


Chicory mixture made from blends of coffee and chicory. Coffee 60%, Chicory40%.

No preservatives,
Shade grown


Energy 722Kcal • Protein 0.5g • Fat80g • Saturated Fatty Acid 52g • Trans Fatty Acid 2g • Cholesterol 180mg • Sodium 800mg • Vitamin A 650mcg