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Hello from iD

We believe in the goodness of tradition just like you do. In 2006, we started with a small store in Bangalore that sold freshly made idli and dosa batter. Today, we make ready-to-cook and eat food products for homes across India and Dubai.

Natural. Authentic. Homemade.

Through our journey, what has not changed is our dedication to real and natural food. The freshest ingredients, traditional recipes, and the highest standards of hygiene are what make iD products stand apart.

No preservatives or chemicals

There is zero percentage of preservatives or chemicals added which is why our products have a lower shelf life. We don't make them to last a long time on product aisles in supermarkets. We make them for you to serve authentic and natural food to your family every day.

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Steaming hot idlies, Just the way you make it

Our batter is freshly ground and packed every single day. Only the finest quality rice, urad dhal and methi seeds with RO-purified water go into it. We add a pinch of low sodium salt and absolutely no preservatives or soda. And now it's your turn.

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Crispy dosas, exactly the way you love it

Here's a trick. Our wonderful idly batter is also our wonderful dosa batter. Add a splash of water and then set your imagination free on the tava. Crispy or fluffy, a dash of herbs or sprinkling of veggies. What'll you come up with today?

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Love the unique taste of Udupi-style idlies? Then our new batter with rava is perfect for you. Made with the same love and care as classic iD batter but for a new, delicious style of idlies.

You know that chapatis taste best when made with love

Finest quality, wholly natural atta is used to make our chapatis. We knead the dough just right, so that the chapatis stay soft and fluffy from tava to plate.

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Delicious whole wheat parotas, now served in your kitchen

The next time you crave for yummy parotas, walk into a store instead of a restaurant. Grab a pack of iD parotas and get ready to wolf down healthier, tastier, crispier parotas.

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For the first time in your home, home-made parotas

The next time your kids bug you for parotas, make a short trip to your kitchen. Snip open a pack of iD parotas, add your love and serve them hot and crispy, on the spot.

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Good things come in small sizes too

Our healthy, whole wheat parotas now in a snack-friendly, tiffin box-friendly, gobble-friendly size. Dip them in sauce, dab on a spread or douse in your special curry.

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Classic malabar parotas in a new easy-to-eat size. They are great with curries or sauces or just about anything you can think of.

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Our creamy-soft paneer is made the natural way. No acid, no emulsifiers, just wholesome pasteurised milk. It's perfect for your favourite curries, grilled or as delicious melt-in-the-mouth starters.


Curd has the natural power to turn any food into a comfort food. Try our freshly packed curd made from pure milk using zero chemicals. It's pure, healthy and tasty.